IRS warns about scam calls demanding money, threatening arrest

Brady And Company, P.C |

As we enter the dog days of summer it’s important to remember that scammers don’t take summer vacations.  Recently we had a client call us in a panic because of such a call.  She has been our client for some time and works in the service industry, as such she needs to make estimated payments to offset the tax due at the end of the year. Due to some unforeseen circumstances she was unable to make those payments last year and now has a tax bill she is paying off.  She received a call on a Monday morning from an “agent” with the Federal Marshals Office who informed her that there was a warrant out for arrest and that she would be taken into custody on sight because of an outstanding tax bill.  The “agent” informed her that she had until the end of the day to either turn herself in or make restitution for the outstanding tax bill.  The “agent” pressed for bank details, which she gave to ease her worry about an arrest and would be calling back for more details to make the payment.  Our client then called us.  We informed her that the IRS does not make threatening calls to taxpayers with outstanding debts and there is always a paper trail.  We informed her to call the bank and let them know the situation, so they could put a watch on her account and stop any suspicious activity.  The bank is monitoring her account, this time the good guys won.  How did this happen?  Well she had been working all weekend, had just gotten the kids off to school and was very tired.  She does have an outstanding tax bill with the IRS.  The scammer caught our client just right, tired, her guard down, some facts right and tried to extract some money from her.  Luckily, we had worked with her and always told her to forward all tax bills, notices and correspondence to us for review.  So, she contacted us as soon as possible and we were able to calm her down and figure out what happened.  The scammers make thousand of calls a day, hoping to make a hit.  They almost got away with it.  If you get one of these calls, remember to ask for information and a number and call your tax professional or us!!

Below is an article that is on point on what the scammers do and what the IRS does and doesn’t do.  Please read it and pass it along.  Thanks.