What Makes Brady and Company, P.C. Stand Out

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About Brady and Company, P.C.

We are a small tax and accounting firm that offers bookkeeping, tax representation, and financial statement reviews. We also perform compilation and government audits as well.

We have been in existence since 1977 when Tom Brady, our founder, decided to make it on his own. He started as a one-person firm and now has a staff of seven people working for him. He decidedly kept the firm small to work closely with his clients and to have a personal as well as business relationship with them.

To help us foster better relationships with our clients, we have launched a new website Bradyandcompany PC.com, Facebook page Brady and Company PC, and Twitter account @brady_company. We also try to remain tech savvy and continually update our security and firewalls. We hope our business continues to grow and play a vital part in the success of our clients.

Our accountancy firm serves clients across Bedford, Burlington, Waltham, Andover, Woburn, Boston, Lexington, Arlington, and the surrounding areas.

The Brady and Company, P.C. Difference

Brady and Company, P.C. has been the preferred choice for scores of clients because of our knowledge and ability to assist them. We have some clients that have been working with us from the time Tom started and have a fair share of clients who join us every year. Irrespective of how long they have been with us, every client gets the best possible service that is both, efficient and effective.

What sets us apart from our competition is our primary strength of agility and expertise. As a smaller firm, we can respond quickly to a business or personal situation. In addition, our tax and accounting history means we have been involved in a variety of situations and know how to best execute a plan for success.

Our expertise in the tax and accounting field makes us second to none in the industry. Our staff has a former state auditor and an accountant who specialized in audits. Together with the other staff’s practical experience, we have seen and handled almost every situation. Collectively we have over 140 years of tax and accounting knowledge.

We are immensely proud of what we do every day. We consistently provide excellent customer service and information, that is timely and correct. We have made it a point to start and finish our reviews of financial statements promptly so that we can work with our corporate partners and not be an interruption to their business. For our personal clients, it’s getting the return done without extensions or getting information to them when needed. Our ability to function like clockwork has seen us enjoy our fair share of success.

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